Premnath Kudva (premkudva) wrote in astro_photo,
Premnath Kudva

Lunar / Planetary Conjunction

Photo taken in India, and so note the celestial smiley;-) North America got the celestial frown that too upside down.
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LOL @ celestial smiley!!
That was the first word that came to my mouth when I saw it. I didn't know this phenomenon was on, and so when my wife called me out after she got a call from my mom, I went out and said "that looks like a smiley!"

Then rushed back to come out with the camera.

Beautiful ! Not the usual image of the moon we see from Europe ! Thank you !
I believe you had it in a straight line!

I didn't see it. By the time it was dark the moon had risen above Venus, That was on the 5 th.
Beautiful, my friend. Ah, the benefit of living on the other side of the globe.
Very true:-)