Alikanakela (alexanderc) wrote in astro_photo,

Spotting scopes?

Have any of you ever had experience with a spotting scope such as the Celestron C70 or C90 Maksutovs? Until I save up enough for a full-size telescope, I figured a spotting scope would be a great way to start observing and photographing. If you have another recommendation, that's even better.

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I have the C90 - some results here:
Hmm, judging from your comments on Flickr I'd say you're on the fence about the C90? Though the half moon shot looks great.
It's not a bad spotting scope - however, when trying to take pics, the focus is quite finicky - and I also never had the patience to adjust the eyepiece to make the two viewfinders parfocal - so it was a bitch to focus through the cam.
Did you use the T-adapter when making those shots?
Yes, I did. I would flip back and forth between the eyepieces when shooting.
That's good to know. Might still be worth trying out but I can probably wait a little bit before deciding to pick one up.