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Some Tuesday SHINY

..And unlike other image posters - I won't bork-up your LJ!

How, you may ask? Well, that's easy - if the image is larger than 800 pixels wide, I'll put it behind a cut tag. It's an easy thing to do and I wish more of my readers would practice this simple measure.

OK, enough bitching - here's a few new SHINY taken over the weekend.

We'll start off with a couple unconventional lunar craters., By and large, most craters are round and/or polygonal in shape and have bowl-shaped floors. Oddly shaped craters imply unusual circumstances and/or modification by geologic forces. One of the largest and weirdest looking craters on the Moon is Schiller.

What do you think it looks like? A gourd? Footprint? Or something *else*?

Lava-cracked Gassendi

Gassendi is a large complex crater bordering a small Lunar mare, or lava flood plain. Sometime after its formation, the crater was flooded with basaltic lava flows. Numerous rilles or ancient lava channels criss-cross the surface.

And now - a PRETTY color SHINY.

The rotating cloud belts of Jupiter

This sequence of images spans only 30 minutes of time. Though over 11 times the diameter of Earth (and 1300x the volume), the King of Planets rotates in less than 10 hours time. It rotates so fast that the planet noticeably bulges at the equator and flattened through the poles.

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